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Titanium TC4 Self Glow illuminating tritium light Marker Keychain - RC Papa

Titanium TC4 Self Glow illuminating tritium light Marker Keychain


** Not for lighting purpose, only for marking in darkness **

These titanium keychain are self illuminating and ideal for marking your equipment for exercise or operations. They emit enough light for you to locate your kit without having to switch on a torch thereby compromising your position.

Glow rings are filled with tritium which is housed in a high-density borosillicate glass tubing that measures approximately 22.5mm. This self illuminating safety device is ideal for marking equipment and personal property.

Kit markers can be seen from 20m away and are waterproof to a depth of 10m. Designed to glow for 25 years.

Titanium alloy TC4 protection shell
Tritium tube import from Netherlands
All other parts made in china
Titanium casing, light weight, strong enough to protect the tritium tubing!
500ul, visible at dark

Size 9mm x 35mm
keychain hole dia. 10mm
tritium tubing size 3mmx 22.5mm

Titanium Tritium Keychain Self Grow Light Marker

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