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KISS FCFC Ultra V2 FCFC Flight Controller FC

KISS FCFC Ultra V2 FCFC Flight Controller FC

Iconic KISS “H” form factor 30.5x30.5mm mounting (With permission of Flyduino)
STM32H743 processor 480 MHz, 2MB FLASH, 1.28MB RAM
IIM-42652 gyro, SPI
BMP388 barometer
8 pin ESC connector, backward compatible with KISS (!!!not with FETTEC!!!). Includes current sensor pin.
Extra solder pads for motors 5-8
2 serial ports on 6 pin connectors (SER1 / SER3), KISS compatible
Overcurrent protection on all data lines
ESD protection on USB
5v bec (2A) with separate power on lipo and on usb. 8s capable.
Integrated spike absorber
Dedicated current sensor pad

Firmware is based on LATEST version from PATREON
New STM32 H7 bootloader, VCP driver
One HEX to rule them all… ??
Smart config storage… NEVER loose your configuration…
Optimized hardware interface layer code
Optimized adaptive filter code (CPU load is about 8% fully loaded!!!)
Added BLHELI Passthrough
IRC Ghost support
TBS CSRFv3 support (ultra code)
Improved RTH with BARO support
KISS Weather Station (its fun)
NO soft serial ports anymore!
7 serial ports exposed (dedicated serials for SA and RC telemetry)
Camera control (analogue, real DAC)
UBX protocol GPS support
Battery capacity/alerts
DSHOT router (free routing between software and hardware channels)
Up to 8 motors support with DSHOT2400/1wire
Full support of all HD systems (DJI MSP, DJI WTF, DJI O3, Walksnail, HD0)

Integrated Graphical OSD
No OSD firmware update required
Configurable Black and White levels, transparency
FULL KISS configuration from OSD
ESC configuration
No serial port required, 50fps refresh rate
Battery cell voltage sensor
Crossfire tools
Hardware test tools (rc test, gps test, video test, motor test etc)

Forked GUI code (With permission of Flyduino)
Design facelift, code cleanup.
Removed odd things like pentacopters, cars and other noise.
Web GUI without installation available at
OSD Mirror
Native support of Apple Silicon

KISS - Keep It Super Simple
FCFC - Fedor Commander Flight Controller

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