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Aikon F405 F4 FC Flight Controller with OSD - RC Papa

Aikon F405 F4 FC Flight Controller with OSD


AIKONF4 target in Betaflight (no target yet in Butterflight)

32khz capable I CM-20602 IMU

Integrated vibration isolation through high quality rubber grommets

168mhz F405 processor

Onboard OSD and 16 Mb Blackbox

Onboard inverter for S.Bus and SmartPort

LED control

Camera control

Conveniently located ESC signal ground and telemetry pads

Quick connection cable for 4-in-1 ESCs, works out of the box with the Aikon AK32 4-in-1

On-board voltage regulator up to 6S


Battery 2-6s

Mount Hole 30.5*30.5mm

Firmware Betaflight 3.3.2 or greater, AIKONF4 Target

MCU STM32F405 IMU ICM-20602

Blackbox SPI 16MB

Weight 10g

Aikon F405 F4Aikon F405 F4Aikon F405 F4

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