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Decased Naked GoPro Lite Hero 8 Camera

Decased Naked GoPro Lite Hero 8 Camera

 ** 3 days handling time

Decased Camera Features:

- GoPro Hero 8 Camera - Decased / Naked (in like new condition)

- Easy to setup and use just like a normal GoPro

- 3D printed Hero 8 Case using industries best quality Fillamentum 98A TPU 3D print material, hard yet flexible enough to absorb impacts

- Allows for Camera Swivel

- Custom wiring and commercial grade internal BEC voltage regulator (NO DANGEROUS 3RD PARTY BEC BOARDS)

- Custom T5 heat sink w commercial thermal paste and application-2 piece carbon fiber faceplate

- Commercial quality record button

- Flush mounted blacked out screws

- Includes JST power cable with connector so you can plug or solder a power lead to the flight controller board of your choice

- Two options of case mounts: standard GoPro or small universal mount

- Factory GoPro LCD screen

- LCD screen comes pre-attached to the camera for cell phone pairing to GoPro app, easy to pair another device if needed

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