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Emax RS2306 2750KV/2400KV Brushless Motor for FPV Racing (White Edition) - RC Papa

Emax RS2306 2750KV/2400KV Brushless Motor for FPV Racing (White Edition)

The EMAX 2306 series of motors offer some of the highest levels of quality and performance in a motor to-date. Boasting incredible thrust numbers, with a perfect blend of efficiency, showcases how EMAX is a leader within the FPV community and delivering products that continuously challenge the market with bold new designs.

Low Profile
Modified Cooling Fins
Curved Magents
Updated Bearings
Higher Thrust Output
Hollow Shaft
Screw Secured Bell

Hollowed Steel Prop shaft and main shaft
The upgraded shafts maximize durability. No worry of damaging threads during crashes.

Bell Retaining Screw
No more E-Clips. With a retaining screw, RS2205-S has no chance of having bells pop out during a race. It is also easy to service the motor without needing a special tool.

EMAX Legendary Production Quality
Engineered and produced In-House with state-of-the-art production techniques and machines, every motor that comes out of our factory is guaranteed to have the tightest build tolerances. It is with this ability, that Emax can achieve 0.10mm magnet to stator air-gap and crash-durability racers come to love.

Configuration: 12N14P
Diameter: 28.3mm
Height: 30.1mm
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Thread Direction: Clockwise (CW)
Voltage Input: 3s-4s LiPo (11.1V - 14.8V)
Weight: 33.84g
Internal Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Max Thrust: 1552g (2400kv) / 1762g (2750kv)

Emax RS2206 2750KV/2400KV

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