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FatShark Dominator HD V2 FPV Goggles - RC Papa

FatShark Dominator HD V2 FPV Goggles

Package Included :

Dominator HD V2 Headset

Fatshark Face Plate (Installed)

Dominator HD V2 case

Fatshark Battery (7.4V 1800mAh)

AV Cable Set

HD media cable (Mini-Mini)

HD media cable adapter (Mini to Micro),(Mini to Standard)


Dominator HD, The world’s best FPV goggle. The Dominator HD once again assures Fatsharks’ dominance as the premier FPV goggle manufacturer. With its large FOV SVGA resolution image, modular design and integrated DVR, the Dominator HD is the undisputed champion of the FPV world. With the DominatorHD you no longer have to sacrifice image quality for image size. The DominatorHD not only has the highest resolution display of any commercial video glasses (SVGA 800X600), but also the largest field of view (50 degrees diagonal). Components and features were chosen as only an FPV purest would; glass optics were chosen over plastic because image quality and large FOV could not be compromised on. A DVR was built in not for the enjoyment of watching movies but for the purpose of recording the video down link and telemetry data to help with lost model recovery. HDMI input was implemented to ensure forward compatibility with the inevitable digital HD links. The Dominator HD maintains the modular docking ports for back compatibility with existing RF modules.

For the most immersive experience, the optional 3-Axis Trinity Head Tracker module can be inserted into a slot on the opposite side of the headset, accessed through a second removable door panel. The head tracker lets you control pan, tilt, and roll of your aircraft-mounted FPV camera (sold separately) using the motion of the headset.

Power is provided to the headset using the new 1800mAh battery which securely fits in a head strap pocket on the headset. The battery pack includes a 3 pole balance lead for charging off standard RC type chargers. Also included with the headset is a DC power cable, AV cable, and carrying case.

>> Download Dominator HD V2 Manual

>> Download Dominator HD V2 Spec Sheet

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