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Flyduino KISS FC v2 32bit Flight Controller - RC Papa

Flyduino KISS FC v2 32bit Flight Controller

A new simplified Flight controller, the KISS FC V2 includes a complete own Flight Control Firmware development. The Idea was to get the simple KISS FC to the next level and due to intensive long term tests of some pretty good Pilots we were able to optimize the code to a point where you hopefully get your quad in the air quite quick.

Normally you just need to choose your Airframe in the GUI and you are able to fly (at least with KISS ESC), otherwise you can download presets of well known pilots for given configurations. And of course you can tweak the PID yourself through the GUI.

Technical data
STM32F722RET6 MCU, ARM-Cortex M7 with FPU running at 216Mhz
MPU6000 Gyro and ACC Sensor
Integrated DCDC converter for direct LiPo battery input (2-6S 6-30V) max 500mA on 5V
The first four ESC outputs are amplifyed to 5V Signal with very fast drivers (for a clear Dshot signal)
CP2102 USB-UART USB controller for simpler updates with the KISS Bootloader
MCU: STM32F722RET6 @216Mhz
Weight: 5g
Mounting Holes: 3x3cm pattern with 3.3mm holes (compatible with most frame types
Voltage: 2-6S (direct)

>> User manual and firmware download

>> GUI for KISS FV v2

Flyduino KISS FC v2 32bit Flight ControllerFlyduino KISS FC v2 32bit Flight Controller

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