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FuriousFPV LED Strip Smart Controller Board with Bluetooth Module (FPV-LSCB-BT) - RC Papa

FuriousFPV LED Strip Smart Controller Board with Bluetooth Module (FPV-LSCB-BT)

LED Smart Control Board - Light Up the Night.

Light up the skies with the ultimate in simplicity & ease and ditch the complicated program setups of days ago. With the Furious FPV Smart Control Board, we place maximum LED functionality at your fingertips via the ultimate in Bluetooth control.

Compact, light weight with zero soldering needed, the Smart Control Board utilizes the power & simplicity of app based setup, allowing full control of color, brightness & pattern for the ultimate LED effect. No smart phone? No worries - the Smart Control Board offers full setup functionality via transmitter or on board programming for even greater levels of user control.

With a 16mm x 22mm footprint, the Furious FPV Smart Control Board will transform your drone with (4) independent ultra bright LED light strips, offering full customization to set your drone apart from all the rest. And with a setup that happens in mere seconds, the sky is the literal limit on how you want to light up your machine - just the way it should be.

Installing into your drone is easier than ever with zero soldering required - period. Plug and play in every respect, the Smart Control Board takes ultimate control to the next level, with the ability to be mounted anywhere, no matter how small your drone may be.

Step into the pinnacle of simplicity & functionality with the Furious FPV Smart Control Board - LED brilliance that is ready to light up the night.

*Coming soon application update allows you to create and modify your own effect.

- Ultra Simplified App Based Bluetooth Setup
- Zero Soldering Required
- Supports (4) Ultra Bright LED Strip
- Incredibly Compact & Easy To Install
- Fully Adjustable Color & LED Light Pattern
- Brightness Adjustable for Maximum LED Control
- Transmitter & Button Based Setup for Maximum Flexibility
- iOS & Android Compatible
- BEC 5V@1.5A
- Power input: 2S-6S

FuriousFPV LED Strip Smart Controller Board with Bluetooth Module (FPV-LSCB-BT)

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