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FXT FX798T Micro FPV Camera & 5.8GHz 40CH 25mW VTX - RC Papa

FXT FX798T Micro FPV Camera & 5.8GHz 40CH 25mW VTX

The FX798T Micro FPV Camera & 5.8GHz 40CH 25mW VTX is extremely small and could be installed on almost anything. The unit is ultra-lightweight, so it is easy to place on any aircraft without affecting the COG. Most multi-rotors wouldn’t even notice it was there. This Camera / VTX combo is a popular choice for adding FPV to the Blade Inductrix micro quadcopter.

It’s easy to install and operate with one push button to change channels and bands. Just plug into a little 1S Lipoly battery or onto your 5V rail and you are ready to go.

It has excellent video and low latency for such a small package. The combo also includes a splitter and a circular polarized 5.8G tuned antenna for the best video signal.


Micro sized and lightweight (4.5g)


Easy install, plug and play

Push button control instead of switch to change channels

Powered by 1S 3.5V LiPoly battery


Transmitter power: 25mW

Input power: 2.5~5V

Camera resolution: 600TVL

Min illumination: 1 lux

Field of view: 120deg viewing angle

Antenna dimensions: 20 x 25mm diameter

Antenna: 3 lobe right hand circular polarized

Video output: NTSC

Frequency: 5.8GHz 5 bands 40 channels

Raceband: 5658-5917

Size: 21x19x17mm (excluding antenna)

Weight: 4.5g

Band F: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860, 5880
Band E: 5705, 5685, 5665, 5645, 5885, 5905, 5925, 5945
Band A: 5865, 5845, 5825, 5805, 5785, 5765, 5745, 5725
Band R: 5658, 5695, 5732, 5769, 5806, 5843, 5880, 5917
Band B: 5733, 5752, 5771, 5790, 5809, 5828, 5847, 5866


Push Button: Long press for band, Short press for channel

2 row LED indicators; 5 for band, 8 for channel

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