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Holybro Hukiya RX5808 Pro V3 Diversity Receiver Rx for FatShark Goggles - RC Papa

Holybro Hukiya RX5808 Pro V3 Diversity Receiver Rx for FatShark Goggles

Package includes :
Master receiver with front cover
Connector wire between left and right receivers
Slave receiver
User manual

* V3 has Raceband Channel 5 fixed
** Calibration needs to be done before you use this receiver


The ultimate diversity receiver has arrived, no more stupid 3 buttons to break. Powered by the Rx5808 project, twin diversity receivers take your goggles to a new level. Huge Oled 1.3 inch screen making it easy to use. 3D printable file for the cover.

What makes the it stand out from the rest?

Firstly, we fly ourselves and realised the whole 3 buttons thing just doesn't work. When your using the goggles, and you want to flip channels with the other 3 button style products it just doesn't work, so we changed it.

One button for everything, flick it up one handed without taking the goggles off to autoscan, or switch to manual mode and feel the joystick with one finger and click up or down to scroll through the bands and channels.

Secondly, we found most of the competitors were using inferior board thicknesses ~ the 5808 gets hot, and its ability to receive properly is severely affected as it gets hot. So we used thicker copper to get rid of the heat and keep the Hukiya 25% cooler than the competitions modules. this means better reception when using the goggles for a longer period of time.

Third, we found those 1 inch OLED screen puny, so we made it bigger and more easy to read. While we were there we found a bunch of bugs in the code that we cleaned up making it much better in the menu system to navigate and remembering its last channel it was on previously. While cleaning up the code we found there were some bugs in the diversity switching that were sure most of the other guys in china clone competitors that they didn't pick up and we fixed it in ours.

Fourth, Lo-race is a must for any receiver as its more and more common for flight controllers to need it. so we made sure its there from the time you boot the goggles up.

Lastly our version is updatable, and we will push firmware updates as we do them so you guys can have the latest version

You can run the wires inside or outside on these without any hassle. we will have a full instructional guide and video up shortly on how to run the wires inside your goggles.


User control - 3 Button navigation, up, down, select
Manual Mode - Set channel manual
Search Mode - Search next channel based on RSSI
Scanner - Print spectrum of all 48 channels
Save mode - Save startup mode (manu, seek, scan)
Save channel - Startup with last saved channel
Beeper - Acustic feedback on important actions
Save RSSI range - RSSI voltage may vary per part
Quick Save - From any home press and hold select for 1 second
Diversity - Receiver select and monitor
Led Status - Power, button pressed, active antenna
Race Band - Added band LoRace for a total of 48 supported channels
Backward Compatibility - Use this code with your existing setup
OLED Version - Use a 1.3" 128x64 OLED Display instead of TV_OUT
Setup Menu - Creating menu for toggling settings


Frequency: 5.8GHz
Channels: 48, including RaceBand
OLED display: 1.3 inches
Auto Scan: yes
Beeper: yes
RSSI calibration: yes

Steps :

Get your quad ready to power on
Power on the goggles without the antennas installed.
Scroll through the menu until you get calibrate RSSI
Hit Calibrate
On the 2nd sweep of the channels, plug your quad in to give it high, and low values
Its all done when the menu returns to normal

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