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Hovership EXOPRO GoPro Camera Bumper Case - RC Papa

Hovership EXOPRO GoPro Camera Bumper Case

The EXOPRO is a molded bumper designed by Hovership that protects your HD action camera from damage during crashes. Featuring built-in guards to shield the lens and front LCD from impact. Best used with the slip-on lens protectors from GoPro and third-party manufacturers.

Spec :

Material: Molded TPU, flexible yet durable

Weight: 13g

Compatible with: GoPro Hero 3 & 4 cameras

Usage :

For Superview users, you will need to trim the corners of the upper lens hood to be out of view. Use the wifi app to test clearance while trimming small amounts.

Taking the EXOPRO off can catch the front face of the GoPro and pull it up. Remove one side at a time slowly to prevent this.

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