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ImmersionRC Touch’n’Race Mini Wand for TrampHV - RC Papa

ImmersionRC Touch’n’Race Mini Wand for TrampHV

The ImmersionRC Touch’n’Race mini-wand was designed for both the casual racer, and the event organizer, greatly simplifying video transmitter programming in all cases. Query, and set your FPV Video Transmitter frequency without powering up your quad.

Change frequencies with the swipe of the wand
Set output power of VTX
Powered by two easy-to-find AAA cells.

For Casual Use
When arriving at a local park, and asking what frequencies other pilots are using, a TNR wand may be used to safely set a Tramp HV, or other TNR-equipped quad to an unused frequency, and appropriate power level.
Programming quads for a race is easy, using the ‘Heat’ mode of the wand. Pre-configure the frequency and power level of each pilot ‘slot’ to meet local regulations, and then quickly wand each quad before flight to ensure that they are on the chosen frequencies.

For Racing Events
When arriving at a race event using ImmersionRC TNR Technology, a pilot’s quad is placed in ‘Race Mode’ during pilot registration. This is achieved without powering up the quad, and without any physical connection, using the TNR Wand. Registration can therefore take place simultaneously
with racing.

When in Race Mode (identified by a blink code on the internal LED), the transmitter will not transmit unless requested by the race director’s TNR Wand. This typically happens during preparation for a race, while the previous heat is running.

Quads are ‘wanded’ safely while their batteries are disconnected, and assigned their race band, channel, and transmitter power level. When powered up, the quads will transmit on this assigned channel until the battery is disconnected, at which point they will return to the race-director
assigned mode.

A race organizer may choose to allow quads which are not racing to transmit a very low power level on a ‘Pit Frequency’ to allow quads to be set up, and debugged, without interrupting a race. This pit frequency is defined by the race organizer to comply with local regulations.

This Pit Mode also allows quads powered up for equipment inspection to transmit an image.

>> Download Manual here 

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