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ImpulseRC Mr Steele Alien PDB / Mic / KISS OSD - RC Papa

ImpulseRC Mr Steele Alien PDB / Mic / KISS OSD

Package Includes
1x Mr Steele Alien PDB for KISS with built in OSD and Mic
1x PDB insulator
2x 6 Pin JST-SH male to male jumpers
1x Genuine XT-60 with 12AWG Silicon wire
1x 20mm Open cell foam with adhesive backing (for Mic)
8x M3 Press nuts - Stainless Steel
1x M3x6 Cap - High Tensile Steel
1x 1mm Spacer - Aluminium - Black

Modelled after the ideal build of Mr Steele himself, and using only his preferred and tested components, the PDB is designed specifically for Flyduino's KISS flight controller, and KISS 24A ESCs. By directly soldering the power and signals from your ESCs and simply connecting the two provided jumper cables, 90% of the work for an ultra-clean build is done. Your fully KISSed Aliens will look more amazing than ever.

We worked closely with Alexander Wolf, the creator of the KISS OSD firmware, to make some custom modifications to his project specifically for Mr Steele's requirements. A simple and clean default layout, without sacrificing the power to tune your PIDs and filters or change your VTX settings*. Of course you still get the full features and power of KISS OSD, and can customize at will.

Dual cascading regulators, with auxiliary filters, provide silky smooth power to give you some of the cleanest video in the business. Fully 6S capable out of the box, you no longer need to worry about the voltage input range on your video transmitter when building that new monster power freestyle rig. Even "Lipo" powered video transmitters which have poor regulation, and give noise by default, are scrubbed clean when powered through the Mr Steele PDB.

Stepping things up a notch for audio in FPV, we added a quality electret microphone and paired it with an advanced amplifier supporting automatic gain control, giving adjustments to audio levels in real time! Power on your quad and put it on the ground, you can hear conversations, footsteps, even insects. Punch-out in to the sky and the amplifier detects the changed conditions and dynamically adjusts to minimise wind noise and jarring clipping distortion.

*PID tuning and VTX control requires KISS FC v1.2 or higher
*6S Capable

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