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Lumenier RX5GDR 5.8G AV Diversity Receiver RX with Raceband - RC Papa

Lumenier RX5GDR 5.8G AV Diversity Receiver RX with Raceband

Package Included

1 x 5.8G Diversity receiving unit (RX) RX5GDR

2 x 5.8GHz Antenna (2db)

1 x Audio / Video cable

1 x Power cable with JST connector


The Lumenier RX5GDR 5.8G AV Diversity FPV Receiver gives you the best performance for your 5.8GHz FPV system. The RX5GDR keeps it super simple for the FPV flier with auto search functionality, easy press buttons, bright color OLED display, a wide voltage input and 32CH on the 5.8GHz band including the Raceband frequencies! This diversity receiver has two highly sensitive 5.8GHz receivers built in with a switch that automatically chooses the receiver with the best signal, giving you the best picture. This also allows for a mix of antennas to be used such as a long range, high gain antenna paired with a short range 360 degree omni. Alternatively, use two high gain direction antennas and double your coverage by pointing them 45 degrees apart etc.

The beautiful color OLED display is bright and easy to read even in daylight. It outputs each receivers signal stregth on the screen along with either an "A" or "B" stating which RX has the stronger signal. The exact frequency is displayed on the screen along with the CH / FR numbers so that you never have to guess which channel you are on.

The RX5GDR has 32 channels and includes the new Raceband frequencies. Our friends from ImmersionRC first divided the 5.8 band into 8 channels evenly spread out 37MHz from each other, which allows more racers flying at the same time on the same band. Lumenier and ImmersionRC Raceband transmitters are fully compatible with this receiver. The unit is small in size and very lightweight, so it is easy to travel with. The RX5GDR comes with a two 5.8GHz antennas, A/V cable and power cable with female JST plug.


32 channels: Cover F, E, A bands and R (Raceband) bands

Intuitive and easy to use button with auto search functionality

OLED channel/band and frequency display

Small size and light weight

Receiver frequency: 5658-5925MHz

2x Diversity SMA Antenna connectors

Separate A/V output for antenna A or B as well as diversity A/V output

Operating Instructions

How to change frequencies (Bands / Channels).

Press and hold Search button for 2 seconds to start the auto search. (Note: The auto search feature may find multiple channels that are close to the transmitting frequency. Make sure to cycle through to the correct channel.)

Press Search button once to cycle through saved Search channels.

Press Band/CH button once to change channel.

Push and hold Band/CH button for 2 seconds to change band.


Receiving frequency : ISM 5658-5925MHz 32 CH

Operating voltage : +7.0V~+24.0V

Supply current : <130mA/12V DC

Video output level : 1V±0.2Vp-p/75Ω

Audio output level : 0.5 ~ 2.0Vp-p/10KΩ

Outputs : 2x AV Output, 1x AV Diversity


Wireless receiver sensitivity : < -92dBm

Antenna connector : 2x SMA connectors

Weight : 93g

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 79x67x16mm

Lumenier RX5GDR 5.8G AV Diversity Receiver with Raceband

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