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Matek USB Power Voltage Current Meter / Monitor - RC Papa

Matek USB Power Voltage Current Meter / Monitor


The UPM can be used to measure the output performance of any USB charging adapters, PC USB, Car USB chargers & Power banks etc. It can also be used to diagnose faulty USB ports, evaluate the quality of USB cables & the capacity of portable power source.

Features : 

Low power MCU with 10bit ADC 25x15mm segment LCD shows clear and accurate numerical readings 6 modes allows the user to measure real-time Voltage,Current,Watt,Capacity, Total capacity & Time Very low current sensing resistor(10mΩ) for less voltage drop Over-voltage protection & alarm(Max 5.7V) Over-load protection(Max.3A) Self-closedown function to avoid the device is over charged.

Specifications :

Working voltage range: 4.5~5.7V DC Working current range: 0~3A Voltage precision:+/-0.5% , Resolution:0.01V Current precision:+/-1% , Resolution:0.01A Current sensing resistor: 10mΩ Standby current: 20mA Size & weight: 43x25x11mm, 15g

** Download Manual (English)


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