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Prime 5.8GHz 40CH RaceBand Adjustable (25/200/600mw) FPV Transmitter VTX - RC Papa

Prime 5.8GHz 40CH RaceBand Adjustable (25/200/600mw) FPV Transmitter VTX

The Prime FPV video transmitters is a 40 channels VTX includes the new 'RaceBand' frequencies and also compatible with the new RaceBand frequencies, using the 4 more traditional frequency bands (A, B, F, E: 32 frequencies).

RaceBand was first pioneered by ImmersionRC to allow more pilots to race together without interference. RaceBand is a set of 5.8Ghz frequencies, to be specific they are: 5658, 5695, 5732, 5769, 5806, 5843, 5880, 5917. The difference between the RaceBand and the other 5.8Ghz bands is that RaceBand frequencies are more spread out across its band (37mhz separation), it allows more pilots to fly FPV together without their video feeds causing interference with each other.

The Prime packs in a lot of channels but it also boasts plenty of power, up to 600mW. The output power is easily to be adjusted at the press of a button. You can set it to 25mW, 200mW and 600mW. Tha means you can use the transmitter legally in places where higher power levels are restricted and yet exploit its higher power offering for greater range. It's best for both outdoor and indoor FPV race.

Changing channels and power levels is quick and easy, Prime VTX has two selection buttons and LED indicators. The ability to change channels quickly really comes into its own for professional applications and at drone racing events, when lots of people are operating on the same channel.

Prime VTX comes with a wiring harnesses and a GoPro compatible video cable, which lets you plug your GoPro straight into the transmitter. It can be powered straight from your flight battery without the need for a UBEC as it supports a wide input voltage (2-4S). It also has a 12V DC output to power a FPV camera. Finally, the TX uses an SMA connector so it can use the full range of ImmersionRC / Fatshark antennas.

Features :

RF power output 8 step adjustable (25/50/100/200/400/500/600/800mW)

40 channels / 5 Bands - includes Race Band channels compatible with Fatshark & ImmersionRC gear

Frequency range: 5645-5945MHz

Intuitive and easy to use buttons and LEDs for frequency/power selection

Not affected by 2.4GHz R/C radios

Wide operating voltage (6-20V)

Provides 12v DC power output for FPV cameras

Includes GoPro ready FPV video cable

IMPORTANT: Do not turn the transmitter on before attaching the antenna, doing so will permanently damage the board!


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