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RHO-Lens Upgrade Lens for Headplay FPV Headset - RC Papa

RHO-Lens Upgrade Lens for Headplay FPV Headset


Upgrade your Headplay HD video goggles with a nicer RHO-Lens! This lens will improve the quality of the picture you see in the Headplay HD headset.

Features :

Super High-Tech lens with highest optical imaging quality.

Super-Anti-Reflection coating to minimize glare and reflections.

Scratch-resistant coating.

Lipophobic cleaning coating.

Pleasant focal distance of up to 16.5 inch (42 cm). As a rule of thumb people up to 55 years can focus at this distance. You can test your minimal focus distance with a newspaper and a ruler. If it is more than 16.5 inch then you can wear your reading glasses in addition to the RHO-Lens.

Easy installation within 3 minutes.

Can be removed without leaving residue.

Adjustable field of view (FOV). The distance to the eye can be varied over a wide range.

Also suitable for eyeglass wearers. The distance can be adapted to suit all goggle sizes, head shapes and foam thicknesses.

Weights only 1.0 oz (28.3 g)

Click here for installation instructions



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