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TBS Team BlackSheep Core PNP Pro - RC Papa

TBS Team BlackSheep Core PNP Pro

Package includes :


TBS CORE Digital Current Sensor (100A) with XT60 plugs

1x 5V VTx Pigtail cable for TBS VTx

1x 12V Camera Pigtail cable for TBS69 / TBS59

1x 12V Camera Pigtail cable for TBS ChipChip

1x 50cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable

1x 40cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable

1x 30cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable

1x 20cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable

1x 10cm BlackSheep Telemetry (BST) cable

Download Manual here

Download TBS Agent Here (config software)

Summary :

Finally the OSD that can do it all, simple to install, plug and play.

The TBS CORE PNP line has been very popular among the FPV crowd for its ease of use and quick installation, as well as compatibility with a wide variety of video transmitters, FPV cameras and input voltages (2S to 6S). The TBS CORE PRO takes it to the next level, with GPS/compass capability and a digital, high accuracy current sensor, making this the most advanced OSD system available.

The built-in OSD provides vital information of the state of the aircraft. No more throttle loss due to over depleted batteries, flying at the edge of control signal, or forgetting to charge spare FPV system batteries. Coupled with the new GPS module, the OSD will help you navigate and estimate distances, speed, and heading. Should your main battery or ESC die, the secondary battery port can power your FPV system AND your model aircraft for a gentle descent with running video system (for airplanes only!)

In a nutshell, the TBS CORE PNP PRO is a light-weight OSD and filtered power supply, feeding the pilot camera and video transmitter, all in one compact package. It makes FPV setups super-easy and is a safety feature every FPV aircraft should have. Suitable for any airplane and multirotor of any size. The simplified wiring reduces points of failure and lets you focus on flying instead of tinkering. All cables are shielded, further reducing the complexity of wiring and ensuring a noise-free video feed.

Features : 

Dual 2S to 6S input voltage - additional input for backup (2S only)

Constant 5V @ max. 2A and 12V @ max. 600mA - individually, not combined!

OSD with GPS, battery voltage, current consumption, signal strength, callsign and timer display

Telemetry audio downlink or video input and mono audio pass-through (available via later software-update)

Very high switching efficiency

Extremely low ripple and low RF noise, two stage filtered and shielded casing

Supports 1W VTX with only minor airflow

All necessary cables included

Software upgradable and configurable (Windows required)

Small size, 27mm x 47mm x12mm, only 15.6 grams

Note: the current sensor accepts XT60 battery plugs.

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