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TBS Team BlackSheep Silk Mr Steele 2345kv Motor - RC Papa

TBS Team BlackSheep Silk Mr Steele 2345kv Motor


Package includes:
1x TBS Mr Steele 2345kv motor
4x Mounting screws M3x6.5
1x Aluminium Low-Profile Prop nut


Power, but not at the expense of your battery. Torque, but without sacrifice to smoothness. Hand wound, because we're proud of our trade. White, to show off how unique this motor is. The Mr. Steele motor by TBS!

With the TBS Mr.Steele motor, a trend in motor manufacturing is finally broken. No longer do you have to sacrifice batteries to squeeze just a tiny bit more power out of your setup. We also stopped using top-of-the-line magnets or chasing weight requirement pipe dreams to sacrifice reliability and smoothness in flight.

We made a motor to match the flying style and requirements of one of the most popular miniquad FPV pilots, and RotorRiot host, Mr.Steele! It's a motor built for longevity, consistency and silky smooth feel.

Stator size: 2306
kV rating: 2345kV
Weight: 28.5g
Rating: 1S-4S

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