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TrueRC AirBlade Tuffpole 900 MHz Antenna - RC Papa

TrueRC AirBlade Tuffpole 900 MHz Antenna

This antenna is the collaboration between TrueRC and AirBladeUAV. It is essentially a 900 MHz dipole antenna for TBS Crossfire Receiver. We wanted to create an antenna that is

Easy to mount
Easy to remove when needed for transportation

Introducing the TrueRC AirBlade Tuffpole 900 Mhz Antenna
This is a simple, durable and flexible dipole antenna with the MMCX connector mounted at its centre. The antenna is connected to the receiver via a MMCX to UFL pigtail. This system allows pilots to mount the antenna at the best position for signal reception, which is often an awkward position for transportation. Pilots can then remove the antenna easily when required.

The antenna uses a thin, flexible and durable PCB with two 20×20 holes for ease of mounting.

On one side, you will find a white dot that signifies counter-poise (ground side). In cases where one side of the antenna is compromised by the presence of carbon fiber or battery, choose this one while the other side is in clean air.

Gain: 1.8dbic
Bandwidth: 850MHz-925MHz
Weight: x.0g
Size: 150mm x 16mm
Connector: mmcx (supplied mmcx to u.fl 8cm pigtail)

1x Dipole Antenna
1x MMCX to UFL connector

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