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Aikon F7 AIO Flight Controller FC

Aikon F7 AIO Flight Controller FC

Aikon F7 60A All-In-One Flight Controller

The Aikon flight controller is a new generation flight controller and ESC combination specifically designed for cinewhoops and other high-current applications. We've packed all the greatest features into one seamless flight experience.

What makes the Aikon AIO amazing?

  • 216mhz F7 processor
  • 5 Software invertible hardware UARTS
  • Onboard OSD and blackbox
  • Software controlled VTX power switch (assigned to USER1 mode by default)
  • LED and buzzer outputs (LED input doubles as PPM)
  • On-board high overhead voltage regulators rated up to 6S (50v peak to handle voltage spikes)
  • 10v 1.5A voltage regulator for DJI HD system
  • Large 5x6mm high current MOSFETs.

Aikon F7 AIO specifications                                   

Battery 3-6s
Mount Holes 25.5*25.5mm
Flight Control Firmware Betaflight AIKONF7 Target
IMU BMI270 (interrupt pin connected)
Blackbox SPI 16MB
ESC Firmware BLHeli_S (Supports BlueJay)
Constant Current 60A
Burst Current 70A
Current Sensor Scale 400
Weight 14g

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