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ATG 5040 ABS Propellers Grey - RC Papa

ATG 5040 ABS Propellers Grey

Package includes :

1 Pair of ATG 5040P (CCW Rotation)

1 Pair of ATG 5040R (CW Rotation)


Light weight & durable, great balancing and superb hub centering and expendable price. Perfect upgrade for any small multirotor.

The 40 degree pitch on these 5040 props when compared directly with the 30 degree pitch of the 5030 variant, offers a noticeable improvement in speed and punch out at the cost of a little endurance.

Spec :

Color: Grey

Center Hole Diameter: 5mm

Hub Dimensions: 6mm thick, 11.5mm diameter

Material: ABS with glass fiber fill

Weight : 2g / pc

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