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Flysky Noble NB4+ 2.4G 8CH RC Transmitter Remote Controller FGR4S Receiver J3R0

Flysky Noble NB4+ 2.4G 8CH RC Transmitter Remote Controller FGR4S Receiver J3R0


This product uses the 2.4GHz Third Generation AFHDS 3 protocol. The Noble NB4+ transmitter and FGr4S receiver constatute a system, compatible with model cars, boats and other models. and it also supports the USB simulator function (Default enabled).
The FlySky FS-NB4+ Noble features new flexibility and functionality never seen before in the remote control world.
3.5-inch 320*480 full dot matrix color IPS touch screen, the touch screen offers a high-resolution display, providing clear and vibrant visuals for easy navigation and control of remote control models.
DUAL BATTERY SYSTEM: The NB4+ is equipped with 2 batteries, one removable in the handle and one removable power bank in the base. The base will charge the battery in the handle when connected and when disconnected the power bank can be used to charge other devices.
AFHDS 3 protocol Dynamically set: number of channels, channel resolution, range, anti-interference requirements and latency to meet the needs of different users.

Product name: Noble NB4+ Transmitter
Product model: NB4+
Adaptive Receivers: FGr4S and other AFHDS 3 receivers
Adaptive Models: Car or Boat
Number of Channels: 8
RF: 2.4GHz ISM
Maximum Power: < 20 dBm(EU)
Low Voltage Alarm: < 3.65V
Data Output: USB Type-C
Charging Jack: USB Type-C
Antenna Type: External single antenna
Display: 3.5-inch 320*480 full dot matrix color IPS touch screen
Resolution: 4096
Input Power: 1S(4.2V )*4300mAh Lithium Polymer Battery+3450mA 18650 Battery
Distance: >300m (Ground distance without interference)
Online Update: Yes
Temperature Range: -10° C~+60° C
Humidity Range: 20%~95%
Color: Black
Size: 131.41*115.95*190.56mm
Weight: 520g

Product Model: FGr4S
PWM channel: 4
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
Wireless protocol: AFHDS 3
Antenna type: Built-in single antenna
Power: 3.5-8.4V
Data port: PWM / PPM / i.bus/S.BUS
Temperature range: -10 ℃ — + 60 ℃
Humidity range: 20% -95%
Transmission Power: <20dBm(EU)
Working Current: 25mA/5V
Display: LED Indicator
Online Update: Yes
Size: 26*22*17.3mm
Weight: 5.1g

1. To avoid the 2.4Ghz radio signal interference. Please always keep your model in sight and within 300m and make sure there are no other signals around, cause they may block the RF signal and lead to loss of control.
2. Never grip the transmitter antenna during operation. It significantly degrades signal quality and strength and may cause loss of control.

Package List:
1 * Noble NB4+ Transmitter
1 * FGR4S Receiver
1 * USB Rable
1 * Accessories Kit
Package size: 27*23*18cm
Package Weight: 1182g

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