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Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3 Brushless ESC with 10A BEC - RC Papa

Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3 Brushless ESC with 10A BEC

Powerful ESC for Aggressive 3D Flyers - 480~550 Class Helicopters

Among all ESC by Hobbywing, the Platinum series is top of the line, using the best material and designed for high end users for ultimate performance. This 100A-V3 ESC is the answer to the latest 480~550 class helis, now-a-days those heli usually came with extremely powerful Servos and Motors, they have Monstrous output, that means also very demanding to power supply, this 100A-V3 ESC has the best micro-processor and capacitor specially designed for those powerful equipment, so if you have a new 480~550 heli from around 2013~14, get this 100A-V3 ESC, it works best on them.

This 100A-V3 ESC has a 10A BEC with max 8.4V output, that means it can power up the most powerful servo on your heli, and it takes 2S to 6S Li-Po battery, so it fits your heli with 6S power pack. Also great news for 3D flyer, it has new “Governor Program”, easier to operate than previous Platinum ESC.


High-performance microprocessor with the operating frequency up to 50MHz brings excellent compatibility (with most motors in the market) and high driving efficiency.

The maximum motor speed can reach 210000 RPM (for 2-poles), 70000 RPM (for 6-poles) and 35000 RPM (for 12-poles).

Multiple flight modes: Fixed Wing Airplane/ Heli with Governor Off/ Heli with Governor (Elf) / Heli with Governor Store.

Adjustable throttle range, compatible with various transmitters. It brings smooth, soft & linear speed adjustment and rapid throttle response.

Microprocessor powered by independent DC regulator has better anti-interference performance, which greatly reduces the risk of losing control.

Built-in high-efficiency & high-power (switch mode) BEC can make the output voltage switched among 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V. (*For the specific output voltage, please refer to the parameter list below.)

Brand new governor program, easy to operate; and its excellent speed-governing effect can make big rotor blades more stable even under rapid load change.

”Restart in auto rotation" can manually interrupt the auto rotation and quickly restart the motor to avoid crashes caused by incorrect operations.

Independent output port for RPM (that is: motor speed) signals.

Compatible LCD program box (*optional accessory), its simple and visual interface allows users to set/revise all the ESC parameters easily. (For detailed information, please refer to User Manual of LCD Program Box.)

Upgradeable firmware, you can upgrade the ESC after connected it to a PC via the USB cable on the program box.

The independent port, for connecting the program box and setting parameters, can also be the output port of the running status data of the ESC. When coordinating with the data transmission module, it can make the real-time data monitoring and logging possible.

Multiple protection features including input voltage abnormality protection/ low-voltage cutoff protection/ throttle signal loss protection effectively prolong the service life of the ESC.

Continuous Current: 100A
Burst Current: 150A (10 sec)
BEC Mode: Switch Mode BEC, 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V; Cont.: 10A, Burst: 25A, BEC has the cut-through protection (which means the battery voltage won’t get through to the receiver if the BEC is accidentally damaged)
Programmable: Yes
Battery cell: Li-PO: 2~6 cell (5.2V~25.2V)
Input/Output cable: Both 12AWG
Weight: 110g (with Fan)
Dimensions: 70x35x32mm (with Fan)

Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3

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