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HQ 5" 5x4x4 Quad-Blade Glass Fiber Propellers - RC Papa

HQ 5" 5x4x4 Quad-Blade Glass Fiber Propellers

Package Includes : 

HQ 5" 5x4x4 Quad-Blade Propellers CCW Rotation (one pair)

HQ 5" 5x4x4 Quad-Blade Propellers CW Rotation (one pair)

Summary :

Available in both normal and reverse rotation as needed for use in multirotors. Made with a glass fiber fill for extra strength and durability.

These props have an oversized center hub for extra strength that measures 12.9mm in diameter by 7.1mm thick. The hub has a slightly undersize 5mm hole molded into the front of the hub, and a 9.5mm diameter recess in the back of the hub to accept prop shaft adapter rings. Also included with the prop is a set of adapter rings which fit into the recess on the back of the prop hub to reduce the center hole to 3, 4 or 5 millimeters.

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