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Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack PRO - RC Papa

Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack PRO


The Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack designed with FPV pilots to easily carries 4 quads and all your FPV gear, such as goggles, transmitter, LiPo’s, tools and more to any track.

The most beloved team member for any professional pilot. The Torvol Quad PITSTOP Backpack pro easily carries 4 quads and all your FPV gear,
such as goggles, transmitter, LiPo’s, tools and more to any race. It features Torvol’s PITSTOP area; a portable work space to adjust and modify your quads quick and effortless. Torvol’s CLEAN SPACE prevents you from dirty knees while doing so.

The backpack includes multiple organizer pockets provide ample space for smaller FPV gear and personal belongings, while larger items like a tripod and a foldable chair can be strapped to the outside.

The dedicated laptop pocket on the backside holds a 15-inch laptop and a charger. An expandable rain cover, thick back padding and a hip and sternum strap ensure comfort and convenience while travelling to your race.

This Quad PITSTOP Backpack Pro makes sure you can focus on your race and be less bothered by preparing for it.

Quad Attachment straps straps for 2 quads
Customizable Pilot Tag
Quick release side straps for tripod & folding chair
Modular divider set with mesh pockets

Expandable rain cover to protect 2 externally attached drones from the rain.
Puncture proof pockets for tools.
Laptop pocket holds 15-inch models (and some 17 inch models).
Top pocket for small personal items.
2 side pockets with puncture proof organizer pockets for flat items.
Stretchy mesh pockets on the sides.
Comfortable hip and sternum straps.
Comfortable back padding.
Protective soft cotton lining.
Durable buckles
Strong zippers and zipper pullers

Weight 3.05 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 33 x 27 x 52 cm
Internal dimensions (WxDxH) 24 x 22 x 50 cm
Capacity 30 L
Color Black/Torvol Racing Green.

Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack PROTorvol Quad Pitstop Backpack PRO

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